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GPS Reach RS+

759,00 precio sin IVA

Reach RS+ receivers for surveying in RTK and PPK modes

Collect points

With Reach RS+ and ReachView you can create survey projects to manage data collection. When working in the field each point is assigned a custom name and offset. Results can be downloaded from the project list.

1 cm Precision  8 GB Storage

File formats: DXF, GeoJSON, ESRI Shapefile and CSV

Use Reach RS+ as a base station

Use Reach RS+ to set up your own base station. Stream corrections over the network via NTRIP/TCP or LoRa radio. Record base logs for post-processing.

868/915 MHz LoRa radio Up to 8 km Reliable corrections

File formats: RTCM3, RINEX.

Machinery guidance

Reach RS+ is able to provide precise coordinates over Bluetooth/Wi-Fi to your tablet with a lightbar navigation app. RS232 interface allows to connect Reach RS directly to an autosteer system.

File formats: NMEA, ERB, plain text

Compatible apps:MachineryGuide, AgriBus-Navi, Efarmer

Receive corrections data over the internet

You won’t always need to set up your own base station. Standalone Reach RS+ can receive corrections data over the Internet from your local NTRIP provider. No special devices or software are required, all you need is a smartphone.

File formats: RTCM3, RINEX. VRS supported.

ReachView app

Helps with your setup

Easily configure correction input, solution output, update rate and satellite systems in use. Manage WiFi and Bluetooh conections.

Provides monitoring data

ReachView shows current satellite signal strength, constelation visibility forecast, your location on a map and much more.

Simple logs management

Logs are automatically recorder in internal memory. View a list of the logs and download them using the ReachView app.

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What it is include:

Full packages includes:
— Reach RS+
— Carry case with a strap
— Radio antenna
— Adapter for survey pole
— USB cable


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