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Mavic 2 Pro PPK : Mavic 2 Pro + GPS GNSS L1L2 PPK

MAVIC 2 PRO PPK : DJI Mavic 2 Pro Equipment with GNSS PPK L1/L2 KIT

Pack consisting of DJI Mavic 2 Pro drone with PPK Mavic 2 Pro Kit installed. Specially designed for surveying applications.

Thanks to the installed bi-frequency GNSS system, you can capture photocenters of images with centimeter accuracy and avoid the tedious task of taking support points across the entire surface of the survey.

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Jess Gregory
Jess Gregory
Excellent software for processing drone images, excellent communication, nice people! Thank you so much. Highly recommend their software!
Razib Ahmed
Razib Ahmed
Great team with experienced professionals. I experienced quick response from the technical support team eventhough I was not their customer. Thank you Fede A and your team.
Esteban Laffitte
Esteban Laffitte
Gran equipo de profesionales, siempre dispuestos a aclarar cualquier duda tanto en la pre como en la post-venta. Enhorabuena por el servicio qué ofreceis y la calidad de los productos que vendeis.
He colaborado con ellos, son muy profesionales y muy recomendables.
Jose Maria Marin Poley
Jose Maria Marin Poley
Hasta ahora todo correcto y rápido.
Maxi Diaz
Maxi Diaz
La atención al cliente ha sido excelente. Envío a Canarias sin complicación. Recomendado.


MAVIC 2 PRO PPK consists of a DJI Mavic 2 Pro drone with the PPK Mavic 2 Pro Kit installed. This kit is an accessory for the DJI MAVIC 2 Pro equipped with GNSS L1/L2 antenna, control electronics and kinematic post-processing software to obtain coordinates with centimeter precision of the orthocenters of photos captured with the Mavic 2 Pro for use in surveying applications and where accuracy is of great importance.

The PPK Mavic 2 Pro Kit turns the Mavic 2 Pro into a powerful photogrammetry tool thanks to this kit that allows you to add a high-precision GPS system to the equipment. This avoids the tedious task of taking support points on the entire surface of the lift.

The kit includes multi-frequency GNSS system, L1/L2 GPS antenna and post-data processing software.

It can be supplied in two formats:

  • As an update on a DJI MAVIC 2 PRO that already has the customer: KIT PPK Mavic 2 Pro,
  • or sold to handle together on a new MAVIC 2 PRO (which corresponds to this product).

The system can work with any baseline with the ability to store rhineing RINEX data. You can use free public database observation files or take them with your own GNSS receiver.

If you do not have GPS receivers, or you have already obsolete equipment, we recommend purchasing any of our receivers: Reach RS2 and Reach RS+: excellent accuracy at the best price on the market.

MaVIC 2 PPK Flight Case Study:

Access to processed example Mavic 2 PPK – ATyges (Click on the image to see results)

Ejemplo Mavic 2 PPK - ATyges

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Mavic 2 Pro integrates the new Hasselblad camera

Manufactured in Sweden, the Hasselblad cameras are known for their ergonomic design, their determined commitment to image quality and the quality of Swedish craftsmanship. The Hasselblad cameras were born in 1941 and have captured some of the most iconic moments of the last century – including the arrival of man on the Moon. As a result of a collaboration with Hasselblad and two years of relentless research, the Mavic 2 Pro is equipped with the new Hasselblad L1D-20c camera. The L1D-20c uses Hasselblad’s HNCS (Hasselblad Natural Colour Solution) technology to capture stunning 20-megapixel aerial images with incredibly detailed color.





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