Launch of the new GPS Reach RS3 equipment 

Global Positioning Technology (GPS) has revolutionized the way we navigate and collect geospatial data. In this context, the launch of Emlid’s new Reach RS3 GPS equipment is marking an industry milestone. With advanced features and unparalleled precision, the Reach RS3 is designed to exceed expectations in topography applications, precision agriculture and more. In this Atyges article; comprehensive advanced engineering solutions, we will thoroughly explore the GPS Reach RS3 and its most outstanding features.

GPS Reach RS3

GPS Reach RS3 is the latest product of Emlid, a company known for its focus on accuracy and accessibility in the field of GNSS (Global Network Navigation Satellite System). This equipment is designed to meet the demands of those looking for topographical level accuracy in hard-to-reach places, such as corners of buildings, tree bases and other challenging environments.

Main GPS features Reach RS3

Tilt Compensation (IMU)

Inclinación IMU

One of the highlights of the Reach RS3 is its advanced IMU tilt compensation (Inertial Measurement Unit). This feature allows you to acquire topographical level data in places where the tilt of the terrain is a challenge. The state-of-the-art IMU within the Reach RS3 provides a leading RTK (Real Time Correction) precision from RTK 2 mm, with an addition of only 0.3 mm per inclination degree. This means that the device can maintain exceptional accuracy even when used on complicated terrain.

Unmatched Precision

Emlid’s internal tests show that the Reach RS3′s performance exceeds high-level competition recipients. This sets the RS3 as the most accurate and user-friendly solution available on the market. Accuracy is essential in applications such as topography, precision agriculture and construction, and the Reach RS3 promises to deliver exceptional results.

precision inigualable

Tilt Compensation in Emlid Flow Application

emild flow aplicacion

The IMU tilt compensation of the Reach RS3 integrates perfectly into the Emlid Flow app, which gives users a fluid Tilt incorporation experience. This translates into visually understandable states and a new rethink mode that uses the direction of the IMU. The Emlid Flow app is a powerful tool that allows users to make the most of RS3 capabilities.

Expanded Connectivity: Compatibility with UHF Radio

The Reach RS3 is not only accurate, but is also versatile in terms of connectivity. In addition to being compatible with LoRa, the RS3 incorporates the powerful TrimTalkTM at 450 MHz. This innovation provides expanded capabilities, including 868/915 MHz LoRa reception and transmission corrections, as well as 450 MHz TrimTalkTM 450S reception-only functionality. This means that RS3 users can receive third-party base corrections and external radios, facilitating integration with other GNSS brands and existing on-site infrastructure.

High-slight technical specifications

Reach RS3 not only stands out for its innovative features, but also maintains all the technical specifications and features that made its predecessor, the GPS Reach RS2, outstanding. With improved receiver performance and battery life, the RS3 provides the best user experience in the Emlid product line. This means users can rely on a long-lasting battery and consistent performance in the field.

especificaciones técnicas

In short, the launch of Emlid’s GPS Reach RS3 represents a leap forward in GNSS technology, providing unmatched precision and versatility in a single solution. And now, with the availability of this innovative device in ATyges, professionals and companies have easier access than ever to this cutting-edge tool. If you are looking to take your projects to the next level with the best precision, do not hesitate to seize this opportunity and discover how the Reach RS3 can make a difference in your topography applications, precision agriculture and more.

Lanzamientoequipo GPS Reach RS3

If you need more information about the technical features of the Reach RS3 GPS, we leave you here a ➤ document pdf

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