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PIX4D Mapper Education

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Pix4Dmapper Pro Educational Use processing software.
The market-leading processing software for mapping and 3D modeling from images.

Pix4DMapper Pro v4.0 license for universiary use in permanent use mode in two options: teacher use and classroom use. Includes free support and upgrade service throughout the first year, as well as personalized driving course for classroom customers. The professional package allows processing in the Desktop version of the software and processing in the cloud. This license offered by ATYGES, PIX4D Main Partner in Spain and LATAM.

The teacher version allows the installation on 2 PC’s simultaneously of the PIX4D mapper software and the aula version allows installation on 25 PC’s simultaneously.

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Pix4DMapper Pro license for permanent use educational use at an exclusive price.

axwidth-500 ]Perform point clouds, digital terrain models, 3D object surveying, calculation of volumes and areas, obtain orthomosaics and many more derived products from images obtained by a camera.

The new version 4.0 offers substantial improvements in automatic point cloud classification, applying new processing algorithms to interpret buildings, roads, groves, natural terrain and other objects. Improved over previous versions the calculation of volumes, helps to identify and eliminate errors in the marking of contol points, performs better quality meshing for 3D rebuilding of objects and scenes and has a new algorithm of processing especially designed to treat images taken at high flight speed and with Rolling Shutter cameras. New processing modes have also been included for multispectral images taken with our Red Edge and Sequoia cameras and thermal processing module for our thermal cameras. (View available sensors) in addition to 360-degree cameras.

This view offers greater stability and improvements for the user by improving data upload for cloud processing (10x faster); substantial increase in mesh processing and level of detail, generating new GIS formats (OSGB and ESRI) and improving quality reports including camera parameter correlations, thus making it easier for the user to understand and identify These.

Extracción automática Modelo Digital del Terreno (DTM)Automatic Removal of digital land model (DTM)

Comparta resultados en la nube / Simultanee imagen satélite y Modelo digital de Superficies

Share results in the cloud / Simultaneous satellite image and Digital Surface Model

Incruste resultados en su web para compartir fácilmente mediante el cloud

Embed results on your website for easy sharing via the cloud

If you would like a fully operational and unrestricted free trial license please contact us through this form: PIX4D Pro demo license application form and request it without obligation.

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